Bath, Hair, & Beauty

Nine years ago, I stood in my bathroom and grazed a comb through my scalp. I watched in horror as handfuls of my long, curly hair fell from my comb into the sink. I had just given birth to my son and was unaware that this type of hair loss was considered normal. Devastated and in need of comforting words, I sought the advice of the seasoned mothers in my life.

Naively, I believed these women would give me a miracle cure for my problem, instead I was met with “It’s a part of childbirth. Just accept it. There’s nothing you can do about it! “I refused to accept their words and made it my mission to find a solution for my hair loss. 

My journey started with raiding the shelves of beauty stores and big-box retailers, over the years spending thousands of dollars trying every commercially made hair product that promised hair growth. Nothing in those bottles worked. Aching for a solution, I took my journey into books and the kitchen to formulate a remedy of my own. 

Learning about herbs and oils and their natural health beneifits led me to make my own avocado oil from scratch. Building on that success, I began gathering with other natural ingredients and extending my natural hair knowledge. After years of experimenting, learning, and creating, Hair Bloom oil serum was born. 

Formulated with nutrient-rich oils such as Avocado, Moringa, Almond, and natural ingredients like Chebe Power- used by the woman in Chad for hair growth and retention, Hair Bloom oil serum strengthens, moisturizes, and protects hair while stimulating growth, creating shine, and balancing natural scalp oil production. Hair Bloom oil serum is a labor of love, from my hair to yours.

And why stop at hair? April’s November is also launching bath and body products that are all natural with enchanting aromas. We will be introducing a line of whipped body butters, moisturizing body lotions, bath salts, sugar scrubs, lip balms, and a few more surprises. So, we at April’s November would like to welcome you into our family and we thank you for allowing us to provide you with some of life's luxuries that you definitely deserve.